Modern Art, Portrait Art and Printmaking

Modern Art

The fourth-century Greek philosopher Aristotle has defined the aim of art much ahead of his times. In his words, ‘the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance’. The visual art objective Aristotle quoted was the chief principle behind the origin of ‘Modern Art’ in the mid-nineteenth century Europe when industrial revolution and modernization started and European artists too expressed ‘modern life experiences’ through their art. Modern art period defined as mid-nineteenth century until the 1960s saw many art movements, art-ism starting with realism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, Dadaism, Pop art and many other offshoots. However, these movements did not start in isolation but preceded by many other art currents in Europe since renaissance period. We in India did not witness renaissance or evolution of art through such ordered art movements. Indian modern and contemporary art is not separated by vast time-period like European modern – contemporary eras.

Portrait Art

Portrait paintings and portrait sculptures are two plastic art forms helping us to recognize how Leonardo da Vinci or Al Greco looked or how our ancestors looked before the invention of camera! Even after the invention of camera in an early nineteenth century and advanced cameras strong enough to take pictures of the moon are available, portrait art still has not lost its charm! We all wish to preserve loving memories of our loved one and commission portrait paintings for living room and today’s portrait artists are adept enough to surprise us by portrait paintings resembling closely to photographs! We at provide commissioned portrait on request for our website users. For commissioned portrait paintings or portrait sculptures, please do mail or call us.

Portrait Painting-300x300
Portrati Painting_300X300_2

(Portrait Art images are used only for illustration purpose)

Grapic Art or Printmaking

Printmaking is one of the oldest art forms that use block printing technique to make impression on paper. As it is block print, naturally multiple impressions can be taken on paper, making multiple edition prints available. To create this block, different material and processes are used and depending on this printing technique, woodcut, linocut prints are named.  In the woodcut & linocut, relief surfaces are created through wood and linoleum blocks by carving out unwanted block surface using knife and prints are thus taken by applying ink or colour on the surface. The prints thus taken are called woodcut prints and linocut prints. The process exactly opposite of woodcut is Intaglio print in which desired figure is cut or etched and then impressions are taken. Here etched part below surface holds the ink and thus impressions are created.  These can be monoprints or multiple edition prints which are signed by the artist.