Medium and Monochromatic Paintings

Painting Medium 

Medium is a material, including every item that today’s artists use to produce artworks. Artist can use single medium or multiple media to create work of art depending on what s/he wishes to create. Even picture surface such as Canvas, Paper, Metal plate, Canvas Board etc is considered part of the medium. Each medium has its significance and limitations. For Oil paintings, commonly used mediums are – Oil on canvas, Oil on paper, for acrylic paintings – Acrylic on canvas, Acrylic on paper whereas Watercolour paintings are normally done in Watercolour on paper. If Oil and Acrylic colours or any two/three colours are used together, then it is called Mixed media on canvas or Mixed media on paper depending on the painting surface. The Sculptors use Bronze, Copper, and other metals along with the variety of mediums like wood, Fibre, stone, marble, Clay, Terracotta, Ceramics etc to create sculptures.  There are many other mediums, which include Pastel on Paper, Ink on Paper. There are some ancient mediums like Egg Tempera, earth colours, natural dyes which are normally used for miniature paintings.  Installation artists literally use anything they can lay their hands on.  All such items are normally referred as ‘found objects’. In video art, as the name suggests, everything that is used to create and display ‘video’ is the medium.   Today many kinds of art prints such as Digital print on canvas, digital print on archival paper are widely used as the medium. In the art prints again there are two main types – viz ‘Original art prints’ which are unique and other is ‘Limited Edition art Prints which are produced in a number of copies that artist decides and sign each print which is called ‘Limited edition signed print’.

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Monochromatic Painting_Pinky Jaydip Bhatt_300x300

(Monochromatic Painting images are used only for illustration purpose)

Monochromatic paintings

Monochromatic paintings are normally single colour scheme paintings depicted using numerous tints of a single colour ranging from extreme light to extreme dark tints of that hue.  How difficult is it to express in a single color for the artists? Well, not difficult if s/he is painting eastern horizon on a sunny morning! Only red, deep to light reds including Scarlette, imperial red, carmine, ruby, crimson, rusty, maroon and umpteenth tinges of reds!! Still, nothing goes wrong with your perspective and painting does not look monotonous! We see our past through monochromatic black and white colors only – black & white films, black and white photographs and black and white paintings! Though paintings were available in quite colourful schemes since hundreds of centuries using natural dyes, contemporary artists are still enamoured by the beauty of black and do a whole lot of black and white paintings! Above all, there are specialized online art websites to sell and purchase black and white paintings online!