IAF Art Advisory Services

Today, everyone wishes to create an inspiring ambiance in and around their living spaces, whereas few wish to inject an extra vibrancy at their workplace through lines, colors, and forms!

India Art Festival, a flagship brand that has been pioneer in India to present hundreds of emerging artists along with master painters under one roof since 2010 is here to guide you if you are looking to buy a few artworks for your self or your interior, architectural project that will suit your design, taste, image, and budget.

IAF management and advisory board members with decades of experience in the visual arts arena,  known for their knowledge of Indian art, expertise on contemporary artists and 20th-century masters are here to provide you free professional art advisory services. Please do write to us at eindiaartfestival@gmail.com for art advisory service. Please mention details on your special need, the number of artworks required and budget.