Art Gallery and Auction Houses

Art Gallery 

Art Gallery is a space where artworks including paintings and sculptures are displayed and exhibited around the year. Art Gallery plays very important role in the art market, particularly major art galleries who exhibits well-known artists as well as emerging ones. Many Art galleries not only exhibit artist’s artworks but also help them grooming and shaping their careers from their formative years by providing them valuable feedback received from art lovers, other artists, art buyers visiting the gallery. Apart from gallery spaces, the digital age has created many online art galleries that sell paintings and sculptures online, thereby reducing their overheads and other expenses drastically. Today, art buyers also prefer to buy art online from may online art shops and art galleries. There has been quite a lot of competition and some of the online art galleries offer affordable prints and original art online at very competitive prices. It has been always debated on digital prints and affordable original paintings when it comes to its uniqueness. There have been numerous Indian online art galleries doing exceptionally well and helping rural artists to sell and buy Indian traditional art online.

There are primary and secondary art markets. Art Gallery spaces are normally places of primary sales when the painting is sold the first time. Then painting keeps on changing hands in the secondary art market. It is online art auctions, art dealers and online art galleries who play a major role in the secondary art market to sale and resale paintings multiple time.

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Art Auction

Art auction houses are most important part of today’s art market. In the global art and antique art market sale, auction houses form major part of the total turnover of global art sales. There are many online auction houses in the USA, Europe, and Asia, particularly China. Though most of them are online art auction houses, they sometimes arrange live auctions as well. We have domestic online auction houses in India like Saffron Art, Pundole’s, Ashtaguru, ArtBull etc.