Amar Sultan

Born 1977 in Mussoorie, and a self-taught artist, art has been an intrinsic part of Amar Sultan’s life since childhood. He made his first strokes with his father’s guidance, and thereon the journey has been an exciting one. Faced with different situations in his life, he has come through because of what he chose for himself. His works are oils on canvases.
The visual language is diverse and includes a vibrant palette, exquisite strokes, strong textures, inimitable style and dynamic energy. His current series of works are inspired from the flight of pigeons and their ever ceasing fluttering and cooing. How these winged creatures are next in number to humans in our immediate neighborhood? How an unspoken and unwritten understanding, of old times has grown manifolds. It shuns all other contradictions of the world where we live in. There is a softness and simplicity which is his unique artistic language.




Medium: Oil on Canvas
Year: 2016
Dimensions: 30 × 20 in
60,000 Excl. of Taxes and Shipping