Buyers’ Guide

Mostly art buyers start buying art either out of love and passion for art or as an investment, or it can be a combination of both, that is a value-added passion investment.

Buying art for love and passion

If you are buying art for love and passion, then no previous knowledge of art business, the experience of buying art or any specific art qualification is not necessary.

Everyone is an artist to some extent and has a creative side, though few decide to explore it through the work of art. More than 3000 artworks per edition get exhibited at the India Art Festival every year! So here is an opportunity now to view it all online…start browsing through, view the artworks, simply enjoy it if you can’t reading, be inspired and have fun! Then let your heart take the call if you wish to buy it!!

If you are not buying artwork to make money out of it in the future, then the possibilities before you are endless. There is so much art out there to choose at the India Art Festival, which is now available at; before you look at how to buy art, you must decide what is it you are really looking for.

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong art and there is no right or wrong way to buy or collect art. Thoroughly inspect the artwork you’re interested in and go by your heart as you are not buying for friends or gallery staff who suggests buying particular work.

Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Still Life, Landscape, figurative, Print, Photography and so many other categories!!  Keep in mind that you will live with this artwork forever so the most important advice is to BUY WHAT YOU LIKE! BUY WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS!

India Art Festival is the ideal platform that offers vast variety, choices, and categories of art. The selection of artworks becomes easy and less time consuming, less biased and more democratic at the India Art Festival.  So, come select an artwork yourself, and do not allow someone else to dictate your tastes.

Collecting the artworks of emerging artists is easier. It is assured that the piece of work is authentic and it gives them great satisfaction of supporting your favorite artist. Art from the artist that can earn a living doing art is more likely to increase in value over time.

Please check if you are looking at signed and numbered serigraphs, lithographs and digital images like giclee, which falls under the ‘Prints’ category; if it is so, then these are signed prints and not canvas paintings which are original and not reproduced by mechanical means. The only thing original about these “prints” are the hand-applied signatures.

Buying art as an investment

Owning original artwork by master painters is a privilege and not just a great way of ornamenting your home; good artworks by the master or established artist offers good returns if acquired at a reasonable price with proper homework or expert advice.

However enthusiastic you are about buying a masterpiece, most advisors, art fairs including India Art Festival, encourage you to plan your art purchases with proper advice by experts. provides free professional art advisory service depending on your requirements. Please write at with ‘art advisory service‘ in the subject line.

Proper advice may be, by a professional art consultant or by an informed friend, but it is crucial for the new art collector, both to assure that they pay the right price, get genuine and quality work.

With or without an advisor, it is wise to do the homework yourself before making important art buying. There are approximately 30 great India master painters, over 100 Indian master artists and more than 200 established Indian artists in India, apart from over 60,000 emerging and mid-career artists.

Experienced collectors prefer buying works of art that reflect superior creative abilities as well as mastery of the medium. They patronize artists who continually evolve in their careers and dealers/galleries that represent those types of artists.

If the artwork is of a master painter, then the artwork’s provenance, history, and documentation is the most important aspect; provenance is determined by assembling all incidental information about the art. This is like writing the biography of the artwork from the artist’s studio right up to the present day owner. Good documentation and provenance are essential to increase the collectability, desirability, and market value of the artwork.

Provenance in a layman’s language is the ‘Journey of artwork from artist’s studio to its first, second buyer, etc… till its current owner’ with documentary proof. At all times, keep the truth separated from fiction, gossip, third-party suppositions, and hearsay, as it does not qualify as a provenance unless supported by documents. We at provide you strong documentary support and authenticity certificate for future journey of the artwork.

If artwork to be purchased is by a living artist, insist the gallery/dealer whether they can make an appointment to speak with the artist either in person or over the phone and/or can issue an authenticity certificate signed by the artist. Please insist authenticity signed by the artist.