Why Buy Artworks from India Art Festival / eIAF?

The places to acquire artworks are

1. Art Fairs / Art Festivals   2. Online Art Festivals  3. Art Galleries  4. Art Dealers
5. Online galleries 6. Auction Houses etc.

Buying art at Art Festivals / Art Fairs either at a venue or online offers following benefits

1.       Opportunity to look at the works of art directly without watchful eyes

2.       IAF provides a vast selection of different works by different artists in front of you, allowing you to compare a lot of different artworks and their prices at one place

3.       You can see the type of work that is selling well at the art festival, which may give you an idea of what constitutes a good investment, whether master, mid-career or emerging artist

4.       You can directly communicate with artists present at the venue

5.       Buying art at the art festival is the most democratic way to buy art. India Art Festival exhibits the works of hundreds of artists specializing in many different genres including figurative, abstract, landscape, still life, sculpture, photography and so on. This gives you the widest possible range of art to choose from

6.       As so many different types of artworks are displayed in the art festival; you may discover a preference you did not even know you had.

7.       You can take an Art Festival catalog and browse the artists’ work from the comfort of your home and buy when you have made up your mind even after the art festival from www.eindiaartfestival.com

8.       Art fairs are excellent ways to see the works of emerging artists alongside some more established names. Art Festivals give great opportunities to watch the generational shift in the works of art.

9.       There is far less pressure to make a purchase at an art fair than a swanky, unapproachable art space.

10.   Thousands of visitors view the artworks at IAF and you buy from an open place, which leaves no scope for ambiguous trade.

11.   IAF provides the authenticity guarantee and even takes back the artworks from buyers if proved to be of doubtful authenticity.

12.   IAF provides free art advisory services and helps chose artworks of your choice, budget, and interior